The World's Quickest Coach Training

First, learn the basic principles of good listening and coaching in this 4-minute introduction video with Fredrik Eklöf, CEO & Founder, and Alexandra Gómez, Head of Training.


To summarise, the four most basic principles of Emotional Fitness Peer Coaching are:

1. Full Benign Attention, No Advice
We are able to think more clearly when we can think out loud, especially when we have someone who is truly listening. While we humans often enjoy giving advice, we rarely respond positively to receiving advice. Therefore, the principle of not giving advice is of great importance.

2. Timeboxing

Two or more people take equally long turns being the coach and coachee with each other. This mutual exchange makes our coaching more relevant, safer (for most people) - and fully scalable. For everyone. By everyone.

3. Emotions Are Welcome

Emotions are an important part of sustainable personal and professional development and strengthen relationships. You will learn perspectives and tools to confidently welcome emotions, should they surface.

4. Double Confidentiality
To peer coach on our platform, you need to agree to not share personal information from the people you coach with, and to not even bring it up with the person in question without first asking for permission.
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